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Accell Therapy

Dogs on a Mat

Accell Therapy

Accell Therapy

Gives the dog a whole body massage using a 3 dimensional Cycloidal Vibration. CVT is clinically proven to work in 4 main areas:

1.Increasing circulation and Lymphatic drainage

2.Relaxing muscle and increasing nerve muscle communication

3.Increasing joint mobility and wound healing

4.Relieving musculoskeletal pain

The dog simply has to lie on a mat to enjoy these benefits which continue to increase for up to 8 hours after the therapy session.

1.Torn Muscles and ligament problems

2.Geriatric and Arthritic conditions as a standalone treatment or a warm up immediately prior to Hydrotherapy.

3.Surgical recovery and wound healing prior to being able to be immersed in water for Hydrotherapy.

4.Inflammation, lymphoma and bruising control.


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